SyberPay Plus Features

The future of money is coming. Are you ready? Download our App today!

  • Pay with your Existing Bank Card

    Already have an ATM card? just generate an iPIN and use it

  • Pay with your ePurse Card

    Already have an ePurse or Cash card? just generate an iPIN and use it

  • Need some cash? Find an ATM

    Our map of ATMs is just the best. Showing all ATMs by banks and soon with status

  • Easy to Use

    There is a place for everything and everything is in its place in our app. You also can (and should) add your most used cards, phones and electricity meters.

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  • Your security is our top priority

    we will never store your sensitive information within our system. Each transaction is processed on the fly. Also we will never share your information with other parties without your consent.

  • Premium Support

    Reach us any time and through a myriad of channels: Call our Short number, send us an email, drop us a visit or even just our in app messaging to send something our way

  • Always kept up-to-date

    Constantly updated to add new features, fix *bugs* or just because we like new shiny stuff.

  • Ever expanding services

    Purchase electricity, mobile phone topups, bill payments, governmental payments, universities, and many many more. And the list is growing.

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Find your questions here

short number 2726. Long answer: support@sybertechnology.com or at your office.
Just your smart phone and at least a single valid ATM card.
Download it from Google's play store or Apple's app store. You can also use the direct link.
All of Sudan banks except these: Bank of Khartoum, Faisal Islamic Bank, Omdurman National Bank, Baraka Bank & Al Salam Bank.
Start by downloading it, registering and adding your first card. Try to check your balance for starters.
This is a 4 digit secret number associated with your card and generated either from here or heading to any ATM of one of our supported banks.