Gettings Started

SyberPay will integrate with merchants' website to transform it from a static website to an interactive website engine with an “on-the-spot” online payment facility for its customers in Sudan.

Implementation made simple

APIs for Developers

Quickly integrate our simple and scalable APIs to save your developement time.

No Coding Required

Don't know how to code? Connect with any of our ready-to-use plugins for OpenCart, Woocommerce, Magento, and many more!

SyberPay Features

All features of SyberPay

  • Easiest

    SyberPay is the easiest and most conveniet ways of online payment in Sudan

  • Pay Money

    Allows your customers to pay for good, services and even donations using their ATM & cash cards

  • Process Card

    We are the first to process cards using the PIN. YES, the same PIN used in the ATMs & POSs

iPhone mockup
  • Internet PIN

    Also we accept cards authenticated by the Internet PIN (iPIN) & Mobile Wallets (e.g. mBok & Grooshi)

  • Maximum Security

    For maximum security we enforce the use of One Time Passwords (OTP) directly send to the number associated with the card

  • Dashboard

    A dashboard for merchants to see what payments has been accepted and which hasn't and why


Find your questions here

short number 2726. Long answer: or at your office.
Simple, your browser should display a green lock or seal icon in the bar and the URL should be
If you want to receive money for your services, head here. If you are a customer, head here.
Enter your card number in the field labeled PAN, its expiry date and the required secret (PIN or iPIN) in the appropriate field. You can optionally enter your email to receive a receipt from us. For some transactions, we will require you to enter a one-time-password (OTP) that is sent to the phone number associated with the card you used.